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How far is Flow from the center of Belgrade and how can it be reached?

The Flow Restaurant and Apartments is located on the Ada Ciganlija peninsula, 4 kilometers from downtown Belgrade. Google Maps estimates that it takes 15 minutes by car.There are a large number of city buses going to this location, including the numbers 23, 37, 51, and 52.You can also reach us by regular boat lines from the New Belgrade side of the Sava River. Ada Ciganlija can also be gotten to by a bicycle path that starts at the Danube Quay and passes by the mouth of the Sava River into the Danube.

How to find the Flow Restaurant and Apartments when you are at the entrance to the Ada Ciganlija peninsula?

The Flow Restaurant and Apartments are located in the part of Ada Ciganlija towards the Sava River (on the location marked number 18). There is a map of the peninsula at the entrance of Ada Ciganlija, but with or without that it is easy to find us - the path from the entrance leads directly to a roundabout and after that it is enough to follow the Flow signposts.

Is entry and parking in the Ada Ciganlija Peninsula free of charge?

You will need to pay entry if using a car. The ticket price (an all-day ticket) is 250 dinars (approx. 2 euros). Taxi is exempt from payment. Parking is free when you organize a celebration or any type of event for more people at Flow. Have in mind that you should announce these events to the Flow management. Since we are located in a less busy area of Ada Ciganlija, there is plenty of free parking in front of our premises.

Can you pay by card for the Flow Restaurant and Apartments?

Yes, you can use all type of bankcards such as Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, DinaCard, American Express. Mobile phone payment is possible as well.

Working Hours:

Sun - Thu. 09.00 - 00.00 h
Fri - Sat. 09.00 - 01.00 h

For special celebrations and events working hours might be changed.


Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade,
Serbia, Location 18

063 559988